Come and Join

Joining the Choir

It doesn't matter what your age, gender, colour or creed - everybody is welcome in The Cleftomaniacs. All we ask is some basic musicality. You do not need to be able to read music, although it definitely helps.

There are some expectations.

  • Willingness to join in the fun
  • Commitment to attending rehearsal. We rehearse 40 Thursday nights during the year, corresponding with NSW school terms
  • Spending some private time learning the songs
  • Passing a two stage, simple audition
  • Commitment from time to time to performances. Although performances are not compulsory, if you do agree to perform you would be letting down the other singers if you fail to turn up

The audition

.... is in two stages designed to make it easy for untrained singers to join the choir without undergoing the anxiety of normal auditions.

  • On your second week at rehearsal you will be asked to pass a very easy and simple audition, without the pressure of the entire choir listening
  • After approximately six weeks you will be asked to sing one of the parts you have been learning with reasonable accuracy. You will get ample help with learning the part, including sheet music and sound files


  • A one time joining fee of $2.00
  • Choir fee of $30.00 per term
  • Musical Director fee of $150.00 per term. Our director is a full time professional musician committed to the welfare of the choir.

Sometimes we go on singing trips. They range from weekends in the Blue Mountains, through to a week in Tasmania (2013) or a week in New Zealand (projected for 2015). They are not compulsory, but attendance is often the high point of the year. If you wish, family members are welcome to come along where appropriate. In the past, the choir has been able to partly fund the trips from proceeds of performances. For instance, the choir paid for all airfares to Tasmania.