Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Repertoire description: 

Fifty Shades of Harmony... Break out the leather and spikes and wander into the dark side of pleasure and pain.

This song was released as a single by the Eurythmics in early 1983, being the title track of their album "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)". This was one of their biggest hits, and the song which provided the group with their breakthrough into commercial success. Its striking music video helped to propel the song to #2 on the UK singles chart and to their only #1 ranking on the US Billboard Hot 100. It was the fourth and final single released from the Sweet Dreams album in the UK and the first ever single to be released by Eurythmics in the United States. This is arguably Eurythmics signature song and it is often performed by Lennox on her solo tours.

The bass riff that anchors the song with slightly sinister undertones was accidentally discovered by David Stewart in the studio when he played a bass track backwards.

Repertoire Style: 

Rep music by: 

Annie Lennox, David A. Stewart

Rep lyrics by: 

Annie Lennox, David A. Stewart